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Here to Listen to Parent Concerns

Your Concerns as a Parent

“I’m concerned that:


My child isn't being understood by family and friends.


My child isn't using many words and is starting to get frustrated.


My child has a hard time following directions and understanding basic concepts.


My child seems to struggle with eye contact or interacting in social situations with peers.


My child is a picky eater, drools, or can't seem to expand on the foods he/she eats.


My child doesn't ask many questions and struggles to answer questions.


My child struggles to put sentences together.


I just want to know if my child is on track.


Sometimes I worry that my child seems behind.”

Here to Help You

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No matter your concerns, Bayside Pediatric Therapy, LLC in Spring Park, Minnesota is here to help you. Contact us today to discuss your specific situation, so we can plan the best course of action to help you and your child.

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